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25th June 2018


Global Africa Media Launch is a Blessing for Press Freedom in Sierra Leone!

By a press release (10/06/18)

The recent launch of the Global Africa Media online will solidify press freedom in Sierra Leone, according to many independent observers.

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Amos Sawyer Heads ECOWAS Observers to Help Free Elections in Sierra Leone 

By a press release (01/03/18)

Fifty five ECOWAS Observation team led, by Liberia’s former IGNU interim President, has arrived in Sierra Leone for the March 7 elections.

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APC Spokesman Denies the 'Liberia is a Disgrace to the Mano River' Story!

By a press release (08/11/17)

"Sierra Leone will never interfere in a sister country's politics," urgent press release from State House strongly reassures neighbouring Liberia.

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Ex-NRA, EPA Directors Deny Plans to Take SLPP Government to ECOWAS Court!

By the Ranger (15/06/18)

Contrary to reports, the former bosses of National Revenue Authority and the Environment Protection Agency will not go to ECOWAS Court. 

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Mercy Johnson's Govt Job Offer Faces a very Fierce Opposition in Sierra Leone! 

By Ahmed Timbo (25/06/18)

The imminent job offer to Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson by President Maada Bio's government has met serious opposition in Sierra Leone.

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NDA Presidential Candidate Discusses Fulani Crisis in Ghana with Ex-President! 

By Abdulai Barrie (09/03/18)

The National Democratic Alliance NDA presidential candidate has drawn the attention of Ex-Ghanaian leader to the Fulani crisis in Ghana.

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Liberian President Wants Press Freedom Legislated in Memory of Late Journalist!

By a press release (18/06/18)

The President George Manneh Weah continues to make history by resubmitting a bill to make sure press freedom becomes a reality in Liberia.

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"Respect the Electoral Process and Accept Results," Ghana Envoy Tells Parties!

By a press release (03/03/18)

John Dramani Mahama, former president of Ghana has urged all party leaders to respect the electoral process and accept the results.

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ECOWAS Ready for War as Jammeh's Term Extended by Parliament

By Press Release (18/01/17)

Heavily armed ECOWAS soldiers led by Nigeria are waiting in Senegal to pounce if President Yahya Jammeh's defiance continues.

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AMI Drills 30 Editors on Violence-Free and Fair Elections Coverage in Freetown

By a press release (23/02/18)

AMI has joined hands with key partners to deliver a workshop for 30 Sierra Leone editors on elections coverage and prevention of violence.

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Liberia's Supreme Court Rules Today to Delay Tomorrow's Runoff Elections!

By a press release (06/11/17)

Liberia's Supreme Court will make a ruling today Monday on a petition asking to delay the runoff presidential election after many complaints.

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As President Adama Barrow Takes Oath, ECOWAS Soldiers Enter Gambia!!

By Press Release (19/01/17)

The winner of December vote has been inaugurated in Senegal while longtime ruler refuses to cede power, deepening a political crisis.

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1958 -1980


Elitism and the Growing Protests Spoiling the SLPP Party: Six Good Reasons Why!

By Fuad Y. Bangura (21/06/18)

While I remain very optimistic that the New Direction agenda has a great potential to transform this country, I must express my dissatisfaction NOW.

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Cristiano Ronaldo's Vital Lesson! How Many Will Appreciate a Friend's Help?

By Special Commentary (21/06/18)

This piece is worth reading by everyone whether you are sportive or not. It is about football star Cristiano Ronaldo's vital lesson.

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