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25th June 2018


African Development Bank Country Boss' Vital Visit to Water Resources Ministry

By Isaac Swen (27/05/18)

The Country Manager of the African Development Bank (AfDB) has held fruitful discussions during a visit to the Water Resources Ministry.

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Nigerian Community in Sierra Leone Denounces Pastor's Religious Antics!

By a press release (29/09/17)

The Nigerian Pastor Victor Ajisafe's negative antics against Islam has really also angered the peaceful Nigerian Community in Sierra Leone.

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Charles Taylor Pulls Liberia's Election Strings from London Prison!!

By Charlotte Attwood (07/10/17)

Liberia's presidential election takes place on October 10 and it seems former President Charles Taylor is impacting it from a London prison.

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"I Will Clamp Down on Corruption," Weah Promises as 8 African Leaders Listen!

By a press release (24/01/18)

In President George Weah's inaugural speech, he promised to stamp out corruption in Liberia in the presence of 8 African leaders in Monrovia.

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Weah's Inauguration Disaster as 30 People Lost Lives at Monrovia Stadium!

 By I.M. Jallah & K. Nagbe (30/01/18)

Thirty persons died and many injured at the S.K.D Stadium Paynesville near Monrovia during President George Weah's inauguration. 

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Liberia Elections Tuesday: 20 Vie for President as Weah Denies Taylor Link!

By Abu Shaw in London (09/10/17)

Liberians go to the polls Tomorrow Tuesday October 10 to elect among 20 candidates the successor to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

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Why 1,000 Mothers Name their Babies after Role Model Nurse Alice in Liberia!

By David Williams (28/05/18)

A town called Alice! Meet the role model midwife in Liberia who delivered her first baby at gunpoint and loved by so many new mothers.

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Bio and Buhari Touch on Stability in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and on Regional Level

By a press release (01/06/18)

President Julius Maada Bio and his counterpart President Muhammadu Buhari continue to strengthen Sierra Leone and Nigeria bilateral ties. 

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Liberia Expects Provisional Election Results Today; Has George Weah Won?

By a press release (12/10/17)

The former World Footballer of the Year George Oppong Manneh Weah is widely tipped to have won the Liberian Presidential elections!! 

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Reputation at Stake as Nigerian Pastor Undermines Sierra Leone Government!

By Abu Shaw in London (27/09/17)

A demented Nigerian Pastor misfired when he blasted a Zimbabwean Muslim cleric recently hosted by the Sierra Leone government.

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Sierra Leone MPs Beg ECOWAS Parliament to Resend Peace Mission in June!

By Chinelo Chikelu (06/06/18)

The ECOWAS Parliament has agreed to send their MPs on a peacekeeping mission in Freetown as requested by the Sierra Leone Parliament.

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Supreme Court Judges are Section 76 Violators with No Morality to Try KKY!

By Abu Shaw in London (09/02/18)

The pandora box opened by the APC government has alarmingly revealed that even the Supreme Court judges have violated Section 76.

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1958 -1980


Elitism and the Growing Protests Spoiling the SLPP Party: Six Good Reasons Why!

By Fuad Y. Bangura (21/06/18)

While I remain very optimistic that the New Direction agenda has a great potential to transform this country, I must express my dissatisfaction NOW.

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Cristiano Ronaldo's Vital Lesson! How Many Will Appreciate a Friend's Help?

By Special Commentary (21/06/18)

This piece is worth reading by everyone whether you are sportive or not. It is about football star Cristiano Ronaldo's vital lesson.

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