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15th August 2018


Position of Paramount Chiefs in Sierra Leone Parliament, Unique in West Africa!

By Francis Gabbidon (17/04/18)

The position of Paramount Chiefs in Sierra Leone parliament is unique. It is the only country in West Africa that has Paramount Chiefs as MPs.

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SLPP Govt's 50% School Fees Payments for NPSE Pupils to WAEC is Positive!

By a press release (09/05/18)

The Government of Sierra Leone has paid Le 2.1 billion school fees for 121,000 NPSE Sierra Leonean pupils to the West African Exams Council.

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"I Will Clamp Down on Corruption," Weah Promises as 8 African Leaders Listen!

By a press release (24/01/18)

In President George Weah's inaugural speech, he promised to stamp out corruption in Liberia in the presence of 8 African leaders in Monrovia.

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4-Day ECOWAS Peace Talks with Rebel APC MPs & Stakeholders End in Sierra Leone!

By a press release (03/05/18)

The ECOWAS visit was aimed at helping the return of normalcy in the Sierra Leone Parliament after the unfortunate incident of 25 April 2018.

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Liberia and Guinea's Invitations to Maada Bio Usher the Spirit of Mano River Union! 

By a press release (11/05/18)

In the spirit of the Mano River Union (MRU), President Julius Maada Bio has positively responded to the invitations by Liberia and Guinea.

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Why 1,000 Mothers Name their Babies after Role Model Nurse Alice in Liberia!

By David Williams (28/05/18)

A town called Alice! Meet the role model midwife in Liberia who delivered her first baby at gunpoint and loved by so many new mothers.

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President Bio Admires the Ivory Coast's Agricultural Format for Sierra Leone!

By a press release (07/05/18)

Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio has promised to adopt the unique Agricultural policy of Ivory Coast to improve the lives of Sierra Leoneans.

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"Nollywood Guests for Bio's Inauguration were Not Paid," Fatima Reiterates

By a press release (16/05/18) 

Sierra Leone's First Lady Fatima Bio has come out fighting by putting the records straight regarding the status of the Nollywood invited guests.

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Reputation at Stake as Nigerian Pastor Undermines Sierra Leone Government!

By Abu Shaw in London (27/09/17)

A demented Nigerian Pastor misfired when he blasted a Zimbabwean Muslim cleric recently hosted by the Sierra Leone government.

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"Break Anglophone-Francophone Trade & Investment Barriers," President Bio Urges

By a press release (09/05/18)

Business leaders have been urged to break away from the Anglophone/Francophone trade and investment barriers in their countries.

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African Development Bank Country Boss' Vital Visit to Water Resources Ministry

By Isaac Swen (27/05/18)

The Country Manager of the African Development Bank (AfDB) has held fruitful discussions during a visit to the Water Resources Ministry.

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Nigerian Community in Sierra Leone Denounces Pastor's Religious Antics!

By a press release (29/09/17)

The Nigerian Pastor Victor Ajisafe's negative antics against Islam has really also angered the peaceful Nigerian Community in Sierra Leone.

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1958 -1980


How Seriously Sick is the Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio?

Asks Pastor Mohamed Sesay, Guest Editor (14/08/18)

The rumour mill has gone overdrive recently regarding the health of the Sierra Leone Head of State. Now questions are being asked.

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Should the Innocent Suffer for the Wicked? - A Test Case for President Bio!

By the Ranger (14/08/18)

It is hoped that the new direction by the SLPP government will usher in a new system where the wicked pay the price and the innocent placated.

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