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22nd July 2018

Susu Community (Sosoya) Urged to Unite Under the New Leadership 

By a press release (31/07/17)

Susu Community (Sosoya) in Sierra Leone has been urged to allow unity to reign by giving total support to the new leadership in Freetown.


Citizens of the Susu ethnic group in the country are yearning for the day when absolute unity is ushered in their beloved community. Things are reportedly not really smooth sailing at the moment within the community these days despite the efforts of government to usher unity. (Pictured: Susu musicians in 1935).

“Our Susu brothers and sisters, we must face reality so that we could see what's ahead. During the years of the late Tribal Headman Mr. Kandeh Kabir Sesay, the Susu organisation had enjoyed cohesion and friendliness. May his soul rest in perfect peace! His one thought was to lift us to the highest level,” members reminisced about the good old days.                      

Later when the Susu Tribal Headman died, leaving his assistant to carry his duties well. Eventually, the succeeding Susu Tribal Headman Foday M. Kamara went through certain difficult period with the government before assuming that position. 

Reports say the Local Government Ministry, the Political and Public Affairs Ministry and even President Ernest Koroma intervened then to bring sanity. Tribal Headman Mr.  Foday M. Kamara represented the Susu in the tribal council. He rose to the level of the Tribal Council's PRO. 

Chief Kamara also acted as a Deputy Imam and as a Deputy Headman. He managed the building of roads, bridges, offered scholarships to deserving Susu children etc. The vast majority of the elders, Imams, professionals, youths, business men and women in all vocations thought it fit to have him as their Tribal headman. 

This question now goes to the national purported chairman of the Sierra Leone Susu Progressive Union, Mr. Mohamed Morlaye Turay whose tenure is not as united as everyone expected.

There was a meeting scheduled to be held on July 22rd, 2017 at 9:00 am at the conference centre on Roberts Street to discuss issues to help unite the community. Inside sources say the meeting was fruitful but some disagreements etc. were clearly evident thus undermining the Local Government Ministry’s efforts to strike compromise.                            

Worried members think oneness and unity to gain sustainable peace is a must to achieve their goal. “Please, please check how peaceful the Fula Progressive Union (FPU). You are able to do a lot but please unite under the new leader,” the Susu community urged.

Most of the Susu live in Guinea, West Africa. However, other smaller tribes are also located in the neighboring countries of Sierra Leone and Senegal. They moved to their present location after 1725, when the Fulani attempted to dominate them and managed to convert them to Islam. Today, the Susu live in the Kambia, Bombali, and Port Loko districts of Sierra Leone. 

The Susu language, called Soso or Susu, serves as a major trade language in the region and is almost indistinguishable from the language of the Yalunka. This close linguistic relationship supports the theory that the Susu and the Yalunka were once members of the same tribe in the Fouta Djallon region of Guinea. 

They were separated by Fula invaders, who forced the Susu to travel southward, absorbing other peoples in the process. Today, young Susu boys seem to be disillusioned with both Islam and socialism. Many have moved to the urban areas where poverty and idleness are serious problems.


1958 -1980


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