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23rd July 2018

AU Propels Africa into the UN Security Council Thanks to President Koroma

By J.S. N'Bompa Turay (13/07/17)

The African continent continues to press the United Nations to have reps at the Security Council under President Koroma’s chairmanship.


The roll call for a true Africa representation from African heroes and heroines from Sengheh Pieh, Madam Yoko, Bai Bureh, Mosiah Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Bob Marley, Emperor Selasie, Nelson Mandela, Ghadafi etc. has finally been answered. (Pictured: AU Chair President Koroma in Addis Ababa).).

Today, after the recently concluded African Union summit in Addis Ababa, where African leaders assembled to discuss the future direction of our continent, Africa’s wish to truly represent the continent at the UN Security Country came to fruition. 

The Unity, Freedom and Justice with the green, white and blue leader and Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Bureh Koroma was more happier as he served as chairman of the African Union AU during this historic process.                                                                           

There are certain levels in organisations like the UN that prevent African nations from entering or belong to certain committees because of certain interests. They keep us where they want us as chaos and trouble destroy the continent each day. Quite often the whole world will pay deaf! 

It was under the chairmanship of the late Muarmar Al-Ghadafi and subsequently president Koroma when Africa asked the United Nations to include at least three African nations to represent the continent into the UN Security Council.   

Well, after the C-10 summit by Africa Heads of State, Africa will now be given two seats. If the world over Babylon keeps quiet about this, Africa will not keep quiet but will jubilate for this great achievement.

Kudos and respect to all who delegated President Koroma this enviable position that makes us Sierra Leoneans proud.

Furthermore, the ECOWAS states also recognised the vital role played by President Koroma towards the peace deal between former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh and Mr. Adama Barrow, the new President that averted a potential blood bath.

Courtesy: By Joseph Saidu  N'Bompa Turay


1958 -1980


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