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14th December 2018

Why APC Information Minister was Stopped at Guinea Border from Leaving Sierra Leone!

By a press release (01/11/18)

Former APC government minister has confirmed he was not allowed to travel out of the country after being stopped at the Guinea border.


Reports say ex-Information Minister Alpha Kanu was recently halted at the Sierra Leone/Guinea border because the clearance he had obtained from the office of the Attorney General needed further verification. (Photo: Alpha Kanu shortly after being stopped).

Alpha Kanu said the police on the border with Guinea had doubts over the signature of the Deputy Attorney General whom he said had approved of his travel to the United Kingdom on medical grounds.

He said the matter had however been resolved with his permit rectified and that he would be travelling this week by road to Guinea. Asked why he did not want to travel by air from Freetown to London, he said he also wanted to apply for a Schengen Visa in Guinea which is not obtainable in Sierra Leone.

Following the release of a damning report by the Transition Team of the new administration on the activities of the government of former president Ernest Bai Koroma, a travel restriction was imposed on those named in it.

Alpha Kanu’s name was not directly mentioned. But the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Richard Moigbeh told me that he was under instructions from the Chief Minister Dr. David Francis who chaired the team that did the audit, to restrict the overseas travel of all those who served in the Koroma administration.

Especially those in senior capacities such as ministers, deputy ministers and heads of parastatals. Alpha Kanu held several ministerial positions including Information and Communications, Mineral Resources and Political and Public Affairs.

He also served as Presidential Spokesman and Presidential Adviser. In 2007, President Ernest Bai Koroma placed a similar travel ban on senior officials of the SLPP government of the man he succeeded, Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. Then Vice President, Samuel Sam-Sumana was put in charge of its implementation.

He also set up a Commission of Inquiry led by Gambian Justice Gibril Boubacarr Semega-Janneh. Since independence almost all administrations have set up a Commissions of Inquiry on the previous one: 1967/8 (when NRC succeeded the SLPP); 1992 (when the military junta succeeded the APC); 2007 (when the APC succeeded the SLPP) and now 2018.

The NPRC military junta passed a decree indemnifying themselves - President Kabbah respected that.

Courtesy: By Umaru Fofana, BBC

But APC Stalwart Says 'No Other SLPP Minister was Ever Stopped from Leaving the Country!

According to APC Spokesperson, Dr. Sylvia O. Blyden, only Shirley Gbujama was stopped by the Ernest Koroma administration. It was headed by the former Vice President Sam Sumana.

"I got personally involved as a journalist and wrote on the unconstitutionality of it and also raised the issue with the APC stakeholders like Pa Serry Kamal who had just been appointed as Attorney General. Pa Serry agreed with me. The APC had a seasoned Attorney General in person of Pa Serry Kamal.

"Priscilla Schwartz, the new Attorney General and Minister of Justice, is really letting the country down. I know Charles Margai would never have endorsed such gross abuse of constitutional rights...," Sylvia concluded.


1958 -1980


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