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14th December 2018

Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment (KME) Hosts ECOWAS 2018 Concert in Nov. 16 

By a press release (28/10/18)

KME, the Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment is slated to host the 2018 ECOFEST festival on the 16th of next month in Freetown.


Reports say Ghanaian actors, Patapaa and Kuami Eugene have been billed to perform at ECOWAS Festival together with artists like Innocent Salone, Patoranking, Arkman, Dallas B, Drizilik, Empress P, Kao Denero, Boss LAJ, LXG and a host of others across the continent.

Speaking at the official launch of the concert in Sierra Leone, CEO of KME, Abu Bakarr Turay said one of the reasons his outfit is interested in organising the concert is to let the world know about Sierra Leone music and for it to get a fair share of representation on the global stage.

"This is a big event the world should recognise. Let us support the initiative in our own way. No one will do it for us, we have to get it done by ourselves and this is the first step so let’s do it," he said. (Photo: KME members).

Patapaa is quoted to have said that he is excited to be part of the event. He said: "It is just great when your hard work pays off and people invite you to perform on their platform with all these great people and I am glad my music has been accepted worldwide. This shows that we have something to offer so we have to strive for excellence as artists."

Kuami Eugene also said the selection of Ghanaian artists for the concert shows that the industry is doing something right. "What every artist wants is to cross his or her borders and today, I am glad to see it happen to me though it is not the first time. This shows people are watching as well so if you want to do something, just do it well," Kuami noted.

Asked how prepared he is for the night, the Confusion singer said. "I am representing Ghana and I need to leave an indelible mark before I come back to Ghana so preparation is ongoing, the team is ready to blow the minds of the people of Sierra Leone."

Courtesy: The Calabash Newspaper


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