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23rd July 2018

Mercy Johnson's Govt Job Offer Faces a very Fierce Opposition in Sierra Leone! 

By Ahmed Timbo (25/06/18)

The imminent job offer to Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson by President Maada Bio's government has met serious opposition in Sierra Leone.


The long awaited controversial appointment of the Nollywood actress is obviously being influenced by the First Lady Fatima Bio. Competent State House sources have confirmed that SLPP government will soon employ Mercy Johnson to head the top job for Girls Child in Sierra Leone. (Photo: Mercy Johnson is a close friend of Fatima Bio. Is she brave enough to take up the job amidst opposition?).

Since this shocking and disturbing news broke out few weeks ago, many Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad and the political divide, continue to vent their stiff opposition in the strongest possible terms. Angry Sierra Leoneans are hoping and praying that the SLPP government's plan to employ Mercy Johnson did not materialise.

Sierra Leoneans believe the country has far more competent women to handle the Girls Child Education department than Mercy Johnson. People cannot understand why the SLPP government is refusing all the women of Sierra Leone for this top government job. (Photo: President Bio posed with Mercy Johnson, left, and Fatima Bio and Nollywood star Omotolla, right, during the inauguration in Freetown).

A Swedish based Sierra Leonean questioned President Bio: "Do you want to tell us that there are no qualified women in the ruling SLPP party capable to do this job? Have you forgotten too soon about the SLPP supporters who stood by you all the way to State House?"

Other Sierra Leoneans want to draw the attention of the SLPP government to one lady in the person of Peagie Foday alias Woobay, who fits the bill for the Girls Child job. Reports say, the hardworking Woobay was disadvantaged at a very tender age, yet, she still went ahead to get educated and eventually bagged a graduate and post graduate degrees.

Thereafter Madam Woobay opened a foundation to help educate the girls. This woman, who hailed from Moyamba in the south of the country, did not limit her determination to help struggling girls in her home town alone but she went on to establish her foundation in the most remotest parts of the north and north west of Sierra Leone. (Photo below: Mercy Johnson speaks to school girls in Freetown during the Bio inauguration).

Notwithstanding this impressive qualification exhibited by lady Woobay, First Lady Fatima has different ideas. She is using her close friendship and connections with the Nollywood Film Industry in Nigeria to give this important government job to her girl friend Mercy Johnson. Fatima herself was a successful actress in her own rights.

Interestingly, many SLPP party insiders do not like the too much political influence she is having over her husband President Bio. Cynics have still not forgotten the thousands of US dollars of government money spent on the Nollywood stars when they were invited to witness the inauguration of President Maada Bio in Freetown.

"Fatima must remember that Sierra Leone is not a Nollywood business. Her husband President Bio was elected by the people to do a very serious job for the country. Yes, Fatima you are the First Lady but you were not elected by the people. So please limit your role and give your husband the chance to do what he was voted for," angry Sierra Leoneans warn Fatima.

Courtesy: Ahmed Timbo in Sweden


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