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23rd July 2018

Ex-NRA, EPA Directors Deny Plans to Take SLPP Government to ECOWAS Court!

By the Ranger (15/06/18)

Contrary to reports, the former bosses of National Revenue Authority and the Environment Protection Agency will not go to ECOWAS Court. 


Reports say the erstwhile Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) Haja Kallah Kamara and the Chairperson of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Madam Hadijatou Jallow (photo) have no intention of taking the SLPP government to the ECOWAS court in a bid to seek redress for their replacements.

Reacting to a local newspaper which came out on the 6th June 2018, the two ladies noted: "We have no intention of that nature and will never think of doing so." The two charming ladies stated how they are in tenable positions to render support to President Julius Maada Bio's led administration saying it is important for all to embrace development.

The two intimated how it came as no surprise when they were replaced underscoring that it was their expectations as any new government which comes to power will definitely make fresh appointments. They pointed out they are ready to offer any ideas that will aid this country to advance, adding it is important for media practitioners to be highly professional and responsible in doing their job.

"We are not in any position to challenge this government purportedly on partisan lines," both of them affirmed. In subtle but furious tones both women decried the contents of the newspaper publication. They underscored that while in their respective offices they served this country to the best of their abilities and will continue to be loyal citizens.

It could be recalled that the publication mentioned that the massive dismissal may land the Bio’s government into trouble if urgent action is not taken to address their plight. The newspaper added whether State House did not advise itself or consults its legal team to ascertain the contents of regulations on dismissals of Heads of Agencies and Board of Directors is something to think about. It went on to state that officials just relieved have decided to take legal action against the government at the ECOWAS Court. (Photo below: Haja Kallay).

Both Haja Kallah and Hadijatou Jallow noted that they did not discuss such with anybody at any point in time saying it is just a figment of the writer’s imagination. They underscored that the government has assured them that they will be paid all their entitlements and they are very comfortable with that.

These fine ladies maintained that for them the future is bright because of the fact that they are highly educated and there are prospects for them to serve in other capacities.

The former EPA boss said since the said publication she has been inundated with calls from near and far people wanting to ascertain the veracity of the alleged line of action. "It is very embarrassing to me because it has never crossed my mind to do something like that," she bemoaned.

On the part of Haja Kallah Kamara she maintained that the aforementioned publication is not only mischievous but has the tendency of creating the impression that she is very aggrieved over her replacement and therefore has become an enemy of the State. "I want the whole world to know that I am cool, comfortable and in support of the Bio led administration," she posited adding power comes from Allah.

From the facial expression of the dignified personalities one can sense that they are not aggrieved, ruffled or bitter rather what is seen is that they are optimistic, forward looking and highly motivated.


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