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22nd July 2018

"Nollywood Guests for Bio's Inauguration were Not Paid," Fatima Reiterates

By a press release (16/05/18) 

Sierra Leone's First Lady Fatima Bio has come out fighting by putting the records straight regarding the status of the Nollywood invited guests.


A gallaxy of Nollywood stars and entertainers graced the May 12 Inauguration of President Julius Maada Bio in Freetown which clearly added the pomp and flavour during the SLPP government's inaugural day. (Photo: President Bio flanked by Nollywood stars Mercy, left, Omotola, right, and First Lady Fatima in Freetown).

Tongues continued to wag in cynics circles that the guest stars were given collosal sums of money for their attendance and performances, accusation which Fatima strongly denies. Fatima Bio was an actress in Nollywood and her admirable rapport with colleagues in the African film industry played a major role for their attendance in Freetown. (Photo below: Mr Ibu at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown)

In a poorly written press release now edited, First Lady Fatima came out to clear the air: I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, Allah first and to the team led by myself, Chief Ndomiana and crew members and the JMB Women’s Wing for putting together the best inauguration ever in the history of Sierra Leone. (Photo below: Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson with husband in Freetown).

Let me also make it clear here that none of our celebrity friends were paid anything, instead they donated to our hospital, visited our schools to talk on teenage pregnancy and did a workshop for our up coming actors and actresses for free. When you work with people the relationship you build with them will keep you together for life or break you. I am glad that they came to support us.

Everyone knows that I was an actress and I have my own friends too so if they want to come and support me on an achievement which seems impossible but Allah made it possible then I am grateful. It is only during your happy and sad moments you know who your true friends are. (Photo: Omotola, right, with colleague star at the Stadium).

Many people tried to frustrate our efforts because we refused to allow anyone to mismanaged the funds if that is a crime then please I am sorry I don’t know how to steal just for stealing sake.

People have been asking why I was the one heading the Inauguration Team. Well read it from here first: “I did because I am a brilliant event planner and I believe you did enjoy the show."

Thank you Africell, Orange, Mercury, AYV, the security sectors and all our celebrity friends from Sierra Leone and abroad for supporting us, thank you all. (Photo: Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson and husband visits a hospital in Freetown).

Courtesy: PAOPA SALONE GO BETTEH, First Lady Mrs. Fatima Jabbie Bio


1958 -1980


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