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15th August 2018

President Bio Admires the Ivory Coast's Agricultural Format for Sierra Leone!

By a press release (07/05/18)

Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio has promised to adopt the unique Agricultural policy of Ivory Coast to improve the lives of Sierra Leoneans.


“We have quite a lot to learn from Cote d’Ivoire and one particular area is the agricultural sector," President Maada Bio disclosed in Abidjan on Friday May 4 during his two day visit to Ivory Coast. (Photo: President Bio with President Alasane Ouattara, right, in Abidjan).

President Julius Maada Bio said he has received a huge mandate from the people and his SLPP government wants to see how we can add value to our agricultural products and create employment for young people in Sierra Leone. President Bio made this promise as he and President Alassane Ouattara of Ivory Coast made commitments last week to deepen the bilateral cooperation between Sierra Leone and Cote d’Ivoire.

He also said during the meeting at the Presidential Palace in Abidjan that his new government is determined to diversify the economy through agriculture, tourism and marine resources. President Bio also indicated that his administration will improve on the governance of the mining sector so that the natural resources can benefit the people of Sierra Leone.

President Ouattara who hosted President Bio on a two-day visit congratulated Bio on his election as President following an open, transparent and peaceful process demonstrating the political maturity of the Sierra Leonean people.

The Ivorian President said that both countries should step-up the bilateral cooperation adding that agriculture should be a major focus of that deepened cooperation. President Ouattara also said that because of low trade value both countries can improve on the import and export levels.

President Ouattara also shared with his counterpart his impressive economic growth performance which has been responsible for his country’s low inflation rate and high GDP figures. He assured President Bio that Cote d’Ivoire now enjoys political stability which will form a strong basis for bilateral engagement.

President Ouattara informed his visitor about an ongoing electricity project wherein Cote d’Ivoire supplies electricity to neighbouring countries, adding that plans are on the way for it to be expanded to the Mano River Union of which Sierra Leone is a member.

On his part President Bio thanked President Ouattara for the warm welcome and hospitality as this was his second visit as President to the sub region. He thanked the people of Cote d’Ivoire for the role the country played in the peace consolidation to end the war when he was military Head of State. President Bio also thanked President Ouattara and the people of Cote d’Ivoire for the humanitarian assistance Sierra Leone received from Cote d’Ivoire during the Ebola outbreak and flood.

“This should be a new era for us to work together and have a great bilateral relationship,” President Bio concluded. Both Presidents later addressed the press at the Presidential Palace conveying similar sentiments and committing themselves to a deepened bilateral cooperation. President Bio, very fluent in French also held some of the informal discussions with his counterpart in French language.

Courtesy: State House Media and Communications Unit


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