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18th March 2018

NDA Presidential Candidate Discusses Fulani Crisis in Ghana with Ex-President! 

By Abdulai Barrie (09/03/18)

The National Democratic Alliance NDA presidential candidate has drawn the attention of Ex-Ghanaian leader to the Fulani crisis in Ghana.


Reports say the NDA Presidential Candidate for the March 7 general elections in Sierra Leone Mr. Mohamed Chernor Bah held a private meeting with former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama when he raised the burning issue on the plight of Fulanis resident in Ghana. (NDA leader M.C. Bah).

The meeting between Mr. Bah and Mahama was held on February 28 in continuation of consultative meetings the Ghanaian envoy had with presidential candidates at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Aberdeen, Freetown where they signed the Freetown Peace Declaration.

His Excellency John Dramani Mahama mentioned that the clashes and tension between the Fulani nomadic herdsmen and local farming residents in Agogo in Asante Akyem of the Northern District has subsided and efforts to bring a lasting peace in the region has been achieved.

President Mahama said: “Government has allocated land and water reservation for these herdsmen to graze their cattle to avoid the destruction of local farming activities.”

Mr. Bah informed the President that the Fulhbe in Sierra Leone are deeply concerned about the state of Fulanis in Ghana and indulge government to seek the absolute welfare and safety of these nomadic herdsmen.

President Mahama assured the NDA presidential candidate that he will sincerely convey his concerns to the current President of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo when he returns to Accra after the elections in Sierra Leone.

Courtesy: NDA Party Secretary General, Abdulai Barrie, on the FPUNA forum.


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