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15th August 2018

Samuel Eto & Oppong Emancipate African Leaders from Mental Slavery for Libya!

By Abu Shaw in London (30/11/17)

Mental slavery, as late Bob Marley reminds the world, is a corrosive disease imbibed in the small brains of most African leaders past & present!


Mental slavery is even more prevalent today considering the dormancy exhibited by Africa nations and their daft leaders despite the ongoing enslavement and cannibalisation of black migrants who found themselves in chaotic Libya post-Gaddafi! But not all Africans have the mental slavery imbibed in them as recently shown by two of Africa’s former best football super stars. (Photo: Samuel Eto teaching African leaders about compassion).


As a result of this overdue dormancy by African leaders and the African Union in general, Africa’s football icons Samuel Eto of Cameroon and George Oppong Manneh Weah of Liberia, have urged daft African leaders to take up the gauntlet by freeing thousands of black African migrants currently enslaved in Libya NOW!


It was the humanitarian millionaire Samuel Eto who took the lead by outwiting slumbering African leaders as he personally used his money to free and airlift 10,000 of his compatriots back to Cameroon. It was a relief on the faces of these impoverish Cameroonians as they sat onboard the many flights from Libya to Cameroon.


This incredible gesture from Samuel Eto, the former African player of the year and ex-captain of the Cameroon football team, has shamed our corrupt African leaders. It’s incredible how African nations have turned a blind eye to the mayhem in Libya where thousands of black African migrants have continued to face Arab butchers, murderers and even cannibals in broad daylight!


George Oppong Weah, now a politician and on the verge of becoming President of Liberia, has also taken the bull by the horn by following Samuel Eto’s Godly initiative. Mr. Weah flew to neighbouring Guinea where he met with the Guinean President Alpha Conde who is also the chairman of the African Union (AU). He stressed the urgent need for the AU to find immediate solution to the heinous crimes inflicted on black migrants by murderous Arab gangs in the North African nation.


At long last, thanks to the Eto/Weah humanitarian initiative, African leaders have now woken up from slumber to combat the heinous attacks against poor and defenceless black Africans by Arab Africans who could not harbour their brothers and sisters on their way to risky and dangerous and deadly journeys across the Mediterranean in to Europe.

Thousands of these migrants have perished in the Mediterranean seas over the years, since the death of Muarmar Al-Gaddafi in 2011. Had it not been for the intervention of European nations and the European Union, to halt this dangerous human trafficking, and punishing illegal traffickers, many more migrants would have lost their precious lives. But the AU was just not concerned in halting this mayhem!   


However, latest reports say, the African Union is preparing to send troops to Libya with the support of 45 countries in the continent. The Guinean President Alpha Conde and chairman of the African Union is at the forefront of this rescue mission.


The black migrants in Libya came mostly from sub-Sahara and also from Somalia, Eritrea in East Africa etc. As pressure mounts on African leaders and the AU, reports say Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger and Ivory Coast are gearing up for the rescue mission.


Libya has become ungovernable with various armed bandits controlling their own enclaves since the western backed ousting and demise of the Libyan leader Gaddafi. The western sponsored government in Tripoli is a far cry from the once peaceful Libya under Gaddafi who was not in the good books of the west because of his undemocratic ideals.


It’s ironical that after Gaddafi’s overthrow, the semblance of democracy instituted in Libya has brought more harm than good! Political observers say Gaddafi’s undemocratic governance has far better and peaceful Libya than the bogus democracy that is ushered in the present chaotic Libya.


1958 -1980


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