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24th June 2018

Financial Implications of the ECOWAS Judgement if the Government Accepts!

By a press release (30/11/17)

The ECOWAS verdict that proved the illegality of former Vice President’s sacking by President Ernest Koroma has huge financial commitment.


If the government of Sierra Leone agrees to implement the judicial verdict by ECOWAS, which President Koroma’s government has denounced so far, then below are some of the financial obligations that former VP Sam Sumana would benefit from: (Photo: Ex-VP Samuna is fighting a losing battle).


1) Sam Sumana will be paid salary from date he was sacked in 2015 to the date election will be held: VP monthly salary is Le30,000,000x36 months is Le1,080,000,000!


 2) Annual leave allowance one month each year for three years


3) Fuel 40 gallons per week from March 17, 2015 when he was sacked to March 8, 2018


4) Gratuity - 40% of his cumulative 10 year salary using last paid monthly of Le30,00,000 as the basis for computation is Le1.4 billion!


5) Monthly pension is 40% of annual basic salary using last paid as basis for computation=Le144 million per month!


6) Two vehicles One VIP and one Utility with maintenance and fuel!


7) Annual holiday abroad with one orderly and wife at the cost to the state!


8) Utility- Housing, office, staff, telephone, water and electricity all paid for by the state! 


9) We estimate compensation and cost of $40 million!


Unfortunately, VP Victor Foh will also benefit from the frivolous benefits. But if the state eventually upholds ECOWAS, VP Foh by extension would not benefit. In fact, VP Foh stands the risk to refund all monies paid to him as VP since his appointment to date. Otherwise tax payers will pay two retired VPs for serving at the same time.


While Sam Sumana's lawyers were busy preparing for the verdict in Nigeria, the Attorney General and his boss were busy splashing monies at the President daughter’s wedding over the weekend.


1958 -1980


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