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24th June 2018

The Crocodile Swallows Mugabe and Takes Over the Presidency on Friday!

By Abu Shaw in London (22/11/17)

Zimbabweans will wake up in the morning to the expected news that a Crocodile will replace Robert Mugabe as President on Friday November 24!


The celebrative scenes yesterday and throughout the night in Harare and Bulawayo and other parts of Zimbabwe seemingly look like prison camps that had suddenly burst open and letting out to freedom impoverish prisoners who had been behind bars for a generation! (Photo: Mugabe flanked by the Crocodile and wife Grace).


It clearly shows the iron grip politics that President Mugabe, 93, had instituted in Zimbabwe since independence in 1980 after freeing the country from the yoke of colonialism and the clutches of British minority rule. The blacks in Rhodesia then, were historically mistreated and the emergence of the young revolutionary in the person of Robert Mugabe turned the tide and a new nation was born called Zimbabwe. Mugabe did well in the first 15 years for Zimbabwe but things took a dramatic nose dive economically and politically thanks also to the harsh sanctions the West imposed on his government.


It is no wonder the glaring hatred imbibed in majority of Zimbabweans for the Mugabe misrule that is being exhibited now. When the Speaker of House suddenly read out the Mugabe letter of resignation even parliamentarians in the House where the impeachment proceedings had commenced could not hide their joy and were visibly seen dancing, singing victory songs in the capital Harare. As news spread outside Parliament, people started jubilating, crying and knowing that at last President Mugabe has gone forever.


As Zimbabweans prepare to welcome the Crocodile to replace Mugabe, political observers are cautiously optimistic because of the desperation the country has found itself in. Preferring a Crocodile to Robert Mugabe, as is widely the case in the country, is a desperate measure that could backfire in the future. But the veterans clearly see the Crocodile as lesser of two evils!


The Crocodile is the nick name of Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75. He is the long time revolutionary friend of Mugabe, whom he sacked two weeks ago as Vice President. This was a miscalculated move by Mugabe that catapulted the partial military coup last week plus the mass protests in the country and eventually his shocking resignation yesterday.


The Crocodile is crawling back from South Africa where he domiciled in the aftermath of his sacking and he is expected to be sworn in as President on Friday November 24. The Crocodile, who has the support of the military, the war veterans and most importantly, the ruling ZANU-PF party, is not a saint. Political observers say he was very cruel, despotic and bloody to his antagonists, tactics he adopted to consolidate the ZANU-PF in power decades ago. Even the West knows that the Crocodile has very poor democratic credentials but they too prefer him to Mugabe for NOW at least!


The ZANU-PF party prefers the Crocodile to Grace, the wife of Mugabe who he was nurturing to succeed him. That was the last straw that ignited the veterans to strike before they were struck by the power hungry Grace Mugabe machine.


Now, the opposition parties are also taking advantage of the transition by calling on for real democracy in Zimbabwe. They believe Mugabe was not the only problem the country was facing. They blame the entire rotten system and the ZANU-PF party in particular for the economic and political bastardisation Zimbabwe has experienced over the decades.


Human rights activists in Zimbabwe are also cautioning compatriots not to be over optimistic as Zimbabwe is in dire need of economic and political stability.


Worryingly, the fact that a Crocodile is going to be sworn in as President of Zimbabwe is something from another planet!! The national television has confirmed that the swearing in is taking place on Friday November 24, 2017. For now, the former President Mugabe is still under house arrest in Harare. It remains to be seen how things will unfold the following months in Zimbabwe.


1958 -1980


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