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24th June 2018

Constitution, Not the Crocodile, will Oust Robert Mugabe from Power in Zimbabwe!!

By Abu Shaw in London (20/11/17)

The world was spellbound last night as President Robert Mugabe’s address on TV stunned antagonists after he refused to step down! Wow!!


Flanked by his military and police high command, President Mugabe showed his revolutionary traits by telling the Zimbabweans and the world at large that he is still the master of politics and reminded viewers that under the rule of law he cannot be removed arbitrarily. (Photo: President Mugabe, wife Grace, the Crocodile and Army coup Spokesman).


Glued to local and international media outlets last night November 19, the world expected nothing else than Mugabe’s resignation but after a long well drafted speech, the under fire President ended his address with ‘Thank you and Good Night' and not ‘I resign’. This was a bombshell that disgusts millions around the world.


It follows days of upheaval in Zimbabwe after his military high command suddenly put him under house arrest followed by massive protests that eventually resulted in his beloved ZANU-PF party sacking him as leader of the ruling party.


The last straw of his misrule came about when President Mugabe dismissed a forth night ago his vice president and long time ally Emmerson Mnangagwa popularly known as the ‘Crocodile’, a move that became unpopular within the ZANU-PF hierarchy. The Crocodile, who got the name because of his cruel ways he manhandled opponents decades ago to keep his party in power, is well liked by the veterans. His dismissal was the catalyst that triggered the mayhem against the President who continues to get bad advice from his power hungry wife Grace Mugabe.


ZANU-PF veterans felt betrayed by Mugabe and they strike first before they were struck fearing that the President is favouring his unpopular wife Grace to succeed him as President. It was no surprise when the Crocodile was reinstated yesterday as leader of ZANU-PF by the party high command.


The Crocodile was in readiness to take over power hoping that his former boss would tender his resignation last night but was disappointed after his speech thus leaving millions of Zimbabweans baffled wondering what the old master has up his sleeves.


President Mugabe knows the law to his finger tips and he believes only through constitutionality - and not through the blood thirsty Crocodile of Mnangagwa - that he would relinquish power which he has held for over 37 years, making him the longest serving leader in the world today.


Now, that the impeachment proceedings are underway brought by his ZANU-PF party against the beleaguered Mugabe, it is expected to materialise within the next two weeks or even months. At least President Mugabe, 93, has continued to teach the world serious political and constitutional lessons much to the admiration of his protagonists and even his enemies.


Parliament will reconvene tomorrow, and if the impeachment process is supported by two thirds in both houses, Mugabe will hand over his resignation without delay. But at things stand, President Mugabe is still president as the 12 O’clock deadline today came and went!!


President Mugabe from hindsight is protecting his ZANU-PF party from losing power. The opposition parties do not see Mugabe as the only stumbling block but the whole of the ZANU-PF status quo. They view the system in its entirety as the problem in the democratic process which should be eliminated. It remains to be seen if ZANU-PF veterans have seen what the old has foreseen!


Astonishing that even Western nations that preach democracy could not align Mugabe with constitutionality. As father of the nation, some observers believe Mugabe is doing the right thing as far as the constitution is concerned despite the growing rejection he is facing by the military, the people and the outside world.


1958 -1980


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