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14th December 2018


Sierra Leone MPs Return as 2 Weeks of Pan African Parliament Meet in Rwanda Ends

By a press release (07/11/18)

The end of high-level gathering of African legislators in Kigali in Rwanda following two weeks of deliberations on Corruption and other topics.

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Sierra Leone Politician Accused of Corruption by SLPP Gets a Mining Job in Namibia!

By a press release (09/07/18)

Sierra Leone APC politician accused of corruption by the SLPP govt has been appointed to takeover a mining company in Zambia.  

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Samuel Eto & Oppong Emancipate African Leaders from Mental Slavery for Libya!

By Abu Shaw in London (30/11/17)

Mental slavery, as late Bob Marley reminds the world, is a corrosive disease imbibed in the small brains of most African leaders past & present!

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Sierra Leone Leader Signs African Free Trade Agreement at the AU in Mauritania 

By a press release (05/07/18)

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement has taken a giant leap to realisation at the just-ended African Union Summit in Mauritania. 

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Crocodile is Now President, as Mugabe Praised for 1st Class Education in Africa!

By a press release (24/11/17)

On Friday November 24, Emmerson Mnangagwa alias Crocodile was sworn in as President of Zimbabwe at the national stadium in Harare.

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Commonwealth Africa Questions the Integrity of Sierra Leone Electoral Process!

By Abdul R. Thomas (25/03/18)

The Commonwealth Africa Initiative has questioned the integrity of Sierra Leone's electoral process following the March 7, 2018 polls.

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Constitution, Not the Crocodile, will Oust Robert Mugabe from Power in Zimbabwe!!

By Abu Shaw in London (20/11/17)

The world was spellbound last night as President Robert Mugabe’s address on TV stunned antagonists after he refused to step down! Wow!!

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West Africa Female Empowerment Joins AYCN to Campaign on Teenage Pregnancy!

By Mohamed Awuah (11/07/18)

The West Africa Women and Girls Empowerment (WAWGE) plans to collaborate with AYCN to embarking on teenage pregnancy campaign.

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African Migrants Captured by Libyan Gangs were Cooked Like Kebabs!!

By Nick Givas (02/12/17)

A former Nigerian government official has told the story of how Libyan slave traders captured African migrants, and cooked them “like kebabs.”

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The Crocodile Swallows Mugabe and Takes Over the Presidency on Friday!

By Abu Shaw in London (22/11/17)

Zimbabweans will wake up in the morning to the expected news that a Crocodile will replace Robert Mugabe as President on Friday November 24!

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Financial Implications of the ECOWAS Judgement if the Government Accepts!

By a press release (30/11/17)

The ECOWAS verdict that proved the illegality of former Vice President’s sacking by President Ernest Koroma has huge financial commitment.

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Police Arrest Nigerian Counterfeiter with 1 Million US Dollars in Liberian Currency!

By Augustine Dahn (19/07/18)

Liberian police in Nimba County have arrested a Nigerian smuggler with a staggering one million US dollars in Liberian counterfeit currency. 

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1958 -1980


SLPP New Direction Must Do More to Fulfil the World Bank Governance Indicators!

By Ranger, Guest Editor (30/11/18)

The World Bank Governance Indicators define government effectiveness as the quality of public services and the degree of political independence etc.

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Sierra Leone Magistrates Get Tough on Women and 'Bombers': 'Ya Go Do'?

By Andrew Keili (30/11/18)

Sierra Leone, like many other countries is immersed in deep cultural discrimination against women by traditional customs and laws which must be overcome in order to achieve gender equality.

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